Redneck Christmas

It’s not my fault I made out with someone I went to high school with at the actual bar of the bar during my last visit to my hometown. I blame it on the Monday night out and the cheap $2 tequila shots that kept coming my way.


In Idaho, it’s still legal to smoke cigarettes inside the bar. (?!)

Naturally, I ran into an old coworker of mine and I ended up smoking an entire cigarette with him. I’m pretty sure I offered him a job for my made up business that I created while completely obliterated.



I ran into him later in the week and was too embarrassed to ask him what my so-called business was, so I just thanked him for the cigarette and his only response was, “you remember that??!”


I love going home. I pretty much do nothing but pretend I’m going on a detox the first twenty minutes of the day. I swear to myself that I’ll eat a salad for lunch but then I get honest with myself when I see an entire block of cheddar cheese and tortillas in the refrigerator. Mom’s fridge and pantry are the best… I only have 10 days to take advantage of this each year and I’m sure as hell not going to waste it eating like a vegan.



My older sister and I tried to get in shape for two days over break. We tried her new workout videos but then we found out that we weren’t even in good enough shape to do what the “modification exercise” fat girl does in the video, so we pretty much gave up hope and we sat in the hot tub for over an hour to burn calories.





I’m not ashamed to admit I kept up with the Kardashian’s this break. I think I watched two whole episodes before it was too sad for me to watch. That show is oddly addicting. I’m pretty sure everyone is at least a little bit curious about the Kardashians, even if they make you want to rip your eyes out and take a trip to the library. I watched the episode where Kourtney doesn’t want to be in Kim’s new video game and they get into a big fight about it. I really want to meet someone that actually plays her video game. Good quest for the new year?

ETHIOPIAChristmas was awesome. Papa Meek was sick with diarrhea so I ate enough prime rib for the both of us.


Overall, it was a pretty good break. I accidentally got my best friend highly intoxicated (a defeat!!) and she kissed a boy in a bar (the ultimate defeat!!). I gave hugs to way too many people I don’t care about from high school, and had the best new years day exploring the snowy mountains with my Papa Meek. Now I am headed off to Asia for 3 MONTHS!

I hope you all had a glorious holiday break. Now off to perfect my Asian accent!!





  1. I always wondered who the Kardashians were. I didn’t know they did anything – thought they were somehow famous for being famous…now I know…

  2. Lolol! Hot tub and wine- that sounds like my kind of workout!! I pretty much start everyday saying- “Okay this is the day… I’m going to give up all sugar and tasty food and eat nothing but juices and salads all day.” But yeah 20 minutes is about all I make it…

    Where are you going in Asia?

    1. Hahaha it’s the ultimate workout… You sweat a lot!!

      I am going to Thailand/ Myanmar for two months and then wherever the wind blows the last month of the trip!! So excited!! Did you figure out what was up with your account?

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