Balls Out


It was Greyson’s 23rd birthday and we got tickets to see the Mariners play the Minnesota Twins at Safeco Field in Seattle. It was my first time inside Safeco Field and the Mariners got completely destroyed. It wasn’t that much of a bummer.

Turns out Karl booked us a very expensive room right across from the stadium and so we got to pretend like we were a bunch of rich kids for a short amount of time. The hotel had complimentary apples and so I grabbed one and ate it and it tasted like watery cardboard.

Unfortunately, the hotel found the niche market and were probably trying to cater to all the vegans and people with made up food allergies.

Gluten Free

Some people were sitting in our assigned seats. Instead of bothering them, we sat in better seats that weren’t ours. Unfortunately, the real people who owned the better seats showed up and kicked us out. We went back to our actual seats and I gave those trespassers a little bit of a friendly attitude and they left, no biggie.

Being in the atmosphere of Safeco field is like being famous for a couple hours. It feels like you’re on TV when you’re looking down at the field. I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the game, honestly. I favored people watching and talking to sports fans instead.

Wes got a hot dog and I ate it.


After the game, we went back to our fancy hotel and mostly everyone was accusing us of trespassing since we looked too poor to get a room there.

We all went back to the hotel room after watching the fireworks blast off on the top floor. We were wondering where the heck Greyson was. He came down 20 minutes later saying it was very strange to sit in a hot tub with a bunch of families all around.

I mean, I could have told him that before he took the plunge.


So after we found Greyson, we went to the bars.

Our first stop was some cowboy bar that reminded me of a very bad frat party. There was a bull, so Wes went up to the front and asked if he could ride it. Unfortunately, only girls who can be exploited as sex objects were allowed to ride it. It wasn’t a very pleasant scene to watch two girls hop on the bull at once. It was clear they weren’t comfortable with it. Hm. Where is my generation in this specific environment? I think about those kind of things a lot lately. We left five minutes later.

The craziest thing happened! I ran into this kid I went to high school with, Trevor! The last time I saw him was when we ran into each other at some airport when I was coming home from Spain. I passed him on the sidewalk and he yelled out my name.


Turns out our friend’s band that got together in high school were still a really good thing in the world and they were playing at the bar that Trevor was smoking a cigarette outside of. So we all paid 5 bucks and we danced to Biddadat’s sweet flows and it was all a good time.

Isn’t it crazy how the world works like that sometimes? I hadn’t seen those guys in years!

Anyway, that is what I did during Memorial Day Weekend. I also got offered a couple different jobs for my soon-to-be, post-grad life. It is equally exciting and completely terrifying.

Can’t wait to tell ya what my move is after I graduate with this 6 million dollar degree! Less than 2 weeks to go!

Bacon and Eggs,







    1. Sandra- just getting this! Love the new fan! Can’t wait to release some personal essays I have been working on from my travels to SE Asia this past winter. I’m attending a writers conference next weekend and so I’m hoping to get some inspiration from that as well. Hope you are well 🙂 enjoying your blog too!!

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