Keep Dreamin’ Kid.

I went to my very first writer’s conference this weekend. Everyone said it was going to be intimidating and one giant ego-contest and they sure as hell were right!


Getting into the writing and publishing industry is incredibly difficult, competitive, and highly unlikely of success. My perfect career, I love a good challenge!

A lot of people tell me not to get too excited about entering the industry. They tell me all the classics…HATERS!!!

I just fire back with more cheese.



Truth is, everyone lives in fear. The only reason people try to tell me to steer clear of the industry is only to protect me. Really, thanks for the warning and I appreciate you trying to save me from all the hurt feelings I’m inevitably going to feel… but I’d rather put myself out there and see what can come of it before I end up living the rest of my life regretting that I never opened the door.

Last night, I preformed my very first public reading in downtown Fairhaven. Luckily, I had a small posse of supporters there to laugh just in case no one got my jokes… After a glass of wine and my brain settling into my story, I entered my personal world and it came alive. I can’t believe I’ve been so afraid to put a voice to the words all this time…


Even if I don’t make a dime, I know that I am serving what makes me feel most alive. You never know how much time you got on this crazy little planet we live on… might as well engage in things that make you feel good.





  1. You did a public reading!?! I’m so embarrassed by everything that I’ve ever committed to the written word that I won’t even tell my super-supportive mom what I did for fear of having my face rubbed in my digital poop. Congratulations for untethering yourself from the shackles of others expectations and fears and living your truth.

    1. Hahah digital poop… I kind of feel like the words let you know when they want to be unleashed! it took me a long time to find a speaking voice but it’s all about just putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes requires embarrassment, not gonna lie…

    1. Just do it! Really. Some of them can be a bit expensive but if you’re a student (or recent former student) you can usually get them at a discounted price. You learn a TON not only in the workshops, but also about yourself and how to network to get whatcha want!

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