Month: November 2016

The 30th of November, Twenty-Sixteen.

Today Dad and I took a walk in Dover, Idaho. Absolutely gorgeous over there, even in November! Canadian geese lined the shore with their noisy quacks and flailed in all directions when the Heron swooped in. A couple of Mallards sat without an inch of movement and Dad didn’t have anything nice to say about the less attractive female. The emerald feathers of the male really do shine light on the beauty of the masculine in this particular species.

The woods that border the shoreline are filled with Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta). Naturally, the walk mainly consisted of a lesson on the Pinus contorta species and its adaptability in nearly any kind of environment. Forester Dad. pinuscontorta (more…)


Tuesday, Nov 29th, 8:43PM.

Leigh called and asked where I’ve been. She says she likes it when I update my blog on a more regular basis because it lets her be with me whenever she feels like it. Leigh always calls at just the right time and we always get right back to where we left off.

Surprisingly, Leigh and I haven’t spoken since that flaming cheeto got elected into office. So we chewed the fat for a bit but we didn’t really go into that much detail because it’s honestly exhausting to talk about right now.

Leigh is leaving for New Zealand in January. That’s her dream place and all. I’m happy for her. She told me she’s starting on the south island and traveling north. Leigh also informed me of the job she scored while over there. Did not ask what she was doing. She did not go into further detail. Can safely assume it’s some kind of garden/farm work of sorts.

Leigh’s a full-blown dreamer, like me. It’s why we get along so well. I can rely on her to not judge me for soaring so goddamn high up in the clouds with my dreams and all. We’re one and the same. There’s a whole lotta love there, even if I do sometimes want to perma roll my eyes in the back of my head when she calls us a “karmic connection.”

Anyway, that’s all for today.

Will try to update more often.