1. Right on Hannah!

    My generation is getting as tired as Bernie looks.

    YOU need to take the baton and run it to places we can only dream of…you have right on your side and they have might on theirs…

    But you care and they don’t…
    Let compassion drive you onward while greed will eventually wear them out…since it is an empty place.

    Go Go Go
    Save the World!!!

    Harvey Schwartz

  2. Hana!!!~

    Couldn’t wait! I love it!!!

    You really may save the World!!!

    Go Hana Go!!!

    On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 6:05 PM, No Vegans Allowed wrote:

    > novegansallowed posted: “” >

  3. We’ve passed a heavy burden on to you. The thing is YOURE UP TO IT. Do what you can, and inbetween times, keep the flowers growing.

  4. Nearly half of eligible voters simply didn’t. Almost every other person.

    As I wrote elsewhere, apathy is a very old, worn, comfortable couch, and perhaps this election is the first spring poking through the padding.

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