The 30th of November, Twenty-Sixteen.

Today Dad and I took a walk in Dover, Idaho. Absolutely gorgeous over there, even in November! Canadian geese lined the shore with their noisy quacks and flailed in all directions when the Heron swooped in. A couple of Mallards sat without an inch of movement and Dad didn’t have anything nice to say about the less attractive female. The emerald feathers of the male really do shine light on the beauty of the masculine in this particular species.

The woods that border the shoreline are filled with Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta). Naturally, the walk mainly consisted of a lesson on the Pinus contorta species and its adaptability in nearly any kind of environment. Forester Dad. pinuscontorta

Dad–a lover of the trees–carries such wisdom of the environmental web. He tells me that the Lodgepole is a fire-dependent species that typically only lives to be around 60 years old. The bark of the Lodgepole is thin, making it easy for the fire to eat. What’s truly fascinating about this species is the way it reproduces: when the fire runs through, the dense and protected cones open up and release the seed so it can be carried by the wind.


After our walk, we went downtown. I made Dad go into a new age shop with me and I know he secretly loved every minute of it. I almost bought an animal deck of cards, but I only had $20 bucks with me, so I opted to take us out to lunch instead. I figured I had enough money to buy a small serpentine stone, so I walked out of the store with a new gem and a thankful stomach.

We went to Spuds and ordered one bowl of soup with a fresh roll and a “South of the Border” potato. We shared the two and boy, delish! Dad was eating so fast that I became territorial and had to divide my portion of the potato unequally.

Dad thanked me for lunch and I thanked him for the solid lesson.

Off to work. Slow season. Come in for a beer at Mickduffs if you’re in town!





    1. Hmmmm….. I wonder what life metaphor we could be thinking of…..
      Potato, Potaaato. I love living in Idaho, I can have potatoes whenever I want! Maybe I’ll send all my friends a potato parcel for Christmas…

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