Quick Update

Mercury retrograde has not killed me yet. We’ve got a few more days left to survive and then we are in the clear! I just checked this morning and we’re all supposed to be normal again on Sunday.

The earth just keeps spinning….

I finally finished Rich’s recommendation letter yesterday. Wow, that was a process! I stressed myself out to the max trying to come up with words for someone that has done so much for me. In the end it was simple, direct, and honest and I am satisfied. I hope he gets the job.

I have a confession to make: I’m a big fat sinner. It’s been 11 degrees at my house and I was freezing, so I used my space heater. I’m dying over here, though! Mom came downstairs and called me out for being a phony wuss who can’t handle a little cold (a little cold!?). I put it back in my closet and I will try not to relapse again…

Work has been very busy and I’ve made a lot of sugah and I plan on using it to travel. I need to get out of here, even if it’s only for a little bit. Trevor (old friend who lives in town) wants to go to China and we found $400 round-trip tickets the other day. I like the idea, but we have not dropped any money. The visa is very expensive and it is holding us back.

Off to work!







This Changes Everything.

If you enjoy traveling to a yuppie spiritual paradise where $20 yoga classes will bring you closer to enlightenment, attending traditional Balinese dance performances packed with “I ❤ Bali!” T-shirts is your idea of getting cultured, and being viewed as a commodity by desperate taxi drivers and club promoters is okay with you, then Bali might be the place for you.

Bali is terribly wonderful for the unconscious world traveler.



Bpat Cheeup

When I got the acceptance email to study abroad in Thailand and Myanmar and saw 14 female names and 0 males names on the list of participants, I think I almost died. I was not about to spend 3 months traveling Southeast Asia with 13 women.

So here I am in Thailand with 13 other women. 50% of us synced up towards the end of the first week. Three weeks in, no one has gotten their period alone.



On our way back from Bend, I begged him to stop at the hot springs so nature could nurse my awful hangover. He told me stories of all the times he dropped acid or ate mushrooms at these hot springs and how magical of an experience it was. He also warned me about the dirty hippies and rednecks that liked to called these hot springs their home. “Han, just stay by my side. The people are friendly, but you know they are weird as fuck.”

It’s a short hike in. I’m losing my breath because I haven’t exercised in the past week. All the beer and fried food is finally catching up to me. When we get there, it’s a massive naked nature party. Apparently we did not get the memo. Has anyone been in a situation where you actually felt weird being clothed? It’s weird. I felt like I had to free my nipples but I also didn’t want the weird beer gutty dudes staring at my finely crafted lady parts. (more…)