I Stand With Womxn



A Reminder on the Fragility of Life.

I have a very intense relationship with my space heater.


My space heater is a universally known fire hazard, but that doesn’t mean I stop using it. Just the sound of it purring in the background induces a deep creative space for me to move into. I love how it makes me feel all warm, creative, and cozy.

When I moved back to Idaho to live with my parents so I could work on my writing gig, of course I brought my space heater along with me. It’s kind of like a cat or a dog to me—I never go anywhere without it. park

Sure enough when the cold swept through this past fall, my space heater came out to play. It spent long hours purring by my side in my bedroom downstairs. That’s all I ever really need to create anything, just me and my space heater.

Dad always comes downstairs to bother me and pick my brain when I’m writing. He’s always telling me what a big fire hazard my space heater is. loveBack in the day, Dad used to be a wild-land firefighter. He’s always had a deeper understanding of the benefits and consequences of fire. We never really had candles, incense, or anything of that nature in our home. It was pretty much a rule of thumb that unless we were at the dinner table, candles were not allowed to be burned.

But after the warehouse fire in Oakland, California this past weekend, my space heater and I have entered a tumultuous time in our relationship. This event has caused me to take a step back and rethink ways that I can be safer with fire and fire-inducing items in my home.

For those of you who do not know about the fire, 36 people died late Friday night. The fire started in an abandoned warehouse turned low-incoming living quarters for Bay Area residents. The warehouse was an unsafe maze that housed artists, a music venue, and creative space for people looking to collaborate. It’s still unknown how the fire started, but it erupted so quickly that it gave very little time for the residents of the building to find escape.

My heart goes out the victims who faced death upon the inferno. I know that puts a darker spin on things, but as funny, beautiful, and magical as life can be, it can also be a cruel teacher. As uncomfortable as it is to talk about, it’s important to address these issues and events that are very real and pertinent in our society. We aren’t invincible beings. This is a call to remind us that earth is not always a safe place and life is indeed very fragile.

So today I’m packing up my space heater and cutting it out of my life cold turkey. In addition to it being a fire hazard, it eats away at our precious energy supply. I can learn how to enjoy the warmth of winter in more layers and hot cups of tea. It’s time I bear this time of year in true North Idaho fashion: I’ll be growing some thicker skin!

Be safe out there, oklandfire




Happy Birthday, Mary (Eliza)Beth!

I am wishing my mother, Mary (Eliza)Beth a very happy double nickel! You’re probably wondering who raised this nutcase, so here’s an appreciation post for my mother.


Mom used to tell me stories of growing up in the catholic church. Like a good catholic, Mom’s name is Mary Elizabeth which means that everyone used to call her “Mary Beth.”

My mother is not a Mary Beth.


I think it’s safe to say that I would have serious mommy issues if my mother was an actual Mary Beth.

Cleaning plates

Mom turns the double nickel today! I can’t believe it, she looks so good. I’m not just saying that because it’s her birthday, but she really works hard to stay happy and healthy. She’s always putting a positive spin on things and sometimes that really ticks me off because sometimes I just want her to listen to me bitch.

I don’t even know how I am my mother’s daughter. Mom gets embarrassed because I don’t have a filter on me. I just say things as I see them. She tried to teach me, she really did.


My mother is a saint. I remember this one time when I was helping her in the garden and she left me unsupervised for a whole 10 minutes to make lunch. She told me to weed the beds, so when I saw these big, ugly weeds in the farthest bed, I went straight over to it and began digging and jumpin’ all over my shovel. Boy, those weeds were strong suckers! I must have looked crazy jumpin’ all over my shovel like that.


Yeah, I really fucked that one up. I had destroyed over 60% of my mother’s asparagus crop that had been growing for three years in a matter of a few sweaty minutes. You know what Mom said after frantically informing me of my destruction? She told me “Thanks for being such a good helper! Now it’s time to eat those grilled cheese sandwiches.”

I asked Mom why she didn’t tear my arms off after that incident. She said “How could I? You were just trying to help.”

If you don’t think my mother is a saint after that, you must be a little delusional. I’ll never be as nice as her. If I caught my kid diggin’ up all my asparagus, I would take that shovel and knock them against the head with it.


Happy Birthday Mom. Thank you for always attempting to teach me your kindhearted ways no matter how many times I fail. You are truly a standout woman and I am blessed to have such a rockin’ lady in my life. Here’s to you.

Happy Birthday Mom.jpg




I’m with him at the grocery store and he’s trying desperately to help me decide on what type of juice I will buy for my cocktail tonight. It’s a classic scenario with me. After some serious contemplation, I decide on grapefruit and spend another 10 minutes trying desperately to find something in the store that somehow resembles a magical creature: the theme of tonights party. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? I have hardly any money left from our trip and I’m the new girl at the party and clearly I cannot show up in a non-magical creature costume. So I find a green shirt that fringes at the end for $8 and I call it an outfit. It’s the perfect shirt for a woodland fairy. (more…)

Tweekin and Twerkin

I attempted to put myself in the shoes of a desperate lover. What better way to try a new cultural experience than right in your city and with just a few mouse clicks away? I never really have messed around on Craigslist much. One time I bought a couch for $70 (it just so happens to be my favorite couch ever) but other than that, I have steered clear of the Crusty Craig. What better way to dive in than to enter the battlefield on the personals section?